"a hoot of a read...  refreshing characters that are real, not fluffed up but showing their flaws as well as their good points... Ms. Darcy has written a book you will want [to read] and she does it with humor, sarcasm, a few sexy men, and a strong woman.”
  -- - Matilda, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More, 4 cups"
Bernadine Darcy 

My Love Life & Other Disasters

Three pit bull brothers,
messy past, shock-jock personality…
Shawn’s just another woman looking for love
Payback is the only thing on Shawn’s mind when she takes a baseball bat to her ex-fiancé’s brand new Mustang. He deserves it after leaving her standing at the altar and pulling a two-year disappearing act. To complicate matters, her high school sweetheart, Adam, is the arresting officer; and Bryan, her adolescent crush, turns up in time to spring her from jail. 

Life has never been easy for Shawn. Three domineering older brothers block her at every turn, and Bryan still treats her like his own pesky little sister. Undeterred by tragic home hair color, bad sex in bathrooms, or dubious advice from her best friend Suzie, Shawn sets her sights on Bryan’s elusive heart.

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My Love Life & Other Disasters 
2010    ISBN 9781926681726
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